"I bought a 2KW Technalogix transmitter last year. Not only was it an excellent transmitter, Bob backed his work and was more honest than any person I have dealt with in his position."

Ron Sweatte, Chief Engineer

Fox TV , Spokane


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great response to my very "time critical" problem. Last July, I called you with an order for a 250 watt solid state LPTV transmitter setup for Channel 9 analog. I requested the unit be shipped within a week to resolve my problem of salvaging a construction permit. Thank you for taking my problem seriously and responding quickly and professionally!"

Gary Baker, President

Audiocom Electronics, Inc


"We would like to thank you for the encouragement you gave us when everybody else was telling us it couldn’t be done, you helped us put it together with technical advice and equipment recommendations. The equipment we purchased from you has been performing better than you had indicated it would."

Logan McCarthy

Cardston Community Television


"I would like to thank you for lending me your valuable test equipment. The many hours of free engineering consultations and telephone calls were very much appreciated."

"The equipment that I have purchased from your company has been under market value, with excellent reliability. You have also repaired many modulators and transmitters for me."

"In the process of my business dealings with you, you have shown to possess very strong people skills. I am proud to have met and had the opportunity to work with you. Your services to our running equipment have been highly successful, although I would not easily allow an outsider to adjust our many types of technical apparatus."

"Thank you again for a job well done."

Fred Topolnisky

FM Electronics


 "This is to confirm that we have installed various products manufactured by Technalogix in the last several years. The products include several fm broadcast transmitters, as well as several vhf and uhf television transmitters."

"The locations where these products were installed were all remote northern communities. The systems have performed well without failure, despite unfavourable climate and unstable local power conditions."

"We have experienced no service requests with locations using these products. On the other hand, we have experienced system failures with other brands in the past, due to the severe operating conditions experienced in remote northern communities."

"We are more than satisfied with the product for two reasons.The products have a cost effective price for our requirements.The cooling and output stages extra design margin, more than compensates for the extra abuse that the units can be subjected to under harsh operating conditions."

Jim Wallace

G.W. Tundra Communications


"We installed the transmitter at our Topley site in February.  We have checked with some of the viewers in the area and they have been pleased with the quality and reliability of the signal."

"We are using it to rebroadcast the Knowledge Network off the dish. We are looking forward to the day when we can remotely monitor the levels from the transmitter via telephone."

Ken Nealis

Houston-Smithers Rebroadcasting Society


"The Peace River Regional District recently purchased two 100 Watt UHF RLU-100 transmitters from Technalogix of Red Deer."

"While these transmitters have only been in service for four months, they have given superior performance under adverse weather conditions. They provide a sharp clear signal throughout our broadcast area."

"We wanted a transmitter that would provide a dependable signal. We did not want to be driving 50 kilometres every day to make a service check. The Technalogix transmitters met out specifications and I would recommend the use of these transmitters in similar, remote locations."

Phil Cove

Peace River Regional District


"First, I have been extremely impressed with the performance of the Technalogix 100-watt VHF television transmitter. It has been in-service on our low-power TV station for almost a year. Viewers constantly comment on how clear o"ur channel 11 picture and sound are.

"The transmitter is small and takes up very little rack space.I am impressed with the rugged chassis construction and use of high-quality parts in this unit. The transmitter is very well designed and extremely dependable. It is easy to operate, even for non-technical staff members."

"The quality of the transmitter is only surpassed by the personal way you and the Technalogix staff work to help customers. Your knowledgeable team (via telephone) made the installation and tweaking of the unit easy for our engineers."

"Murfreesboro, Tennessee is a small market (country population 180,000). In small towns there seems to be an “easy to work with” attitude between businesses and customers. This “business atmosphere” is more personal and often transactions are completed with more ease than could ever be dreamed in a “big city atmosphere”. Your Technalogix staff has the same attitude. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend your firm and its products to other broadcasters."

Bart Walker, President

TV11 - WGNS AM 1450


"The Logan Lake T.V. Society Administers, Operates and Maintains the Logan Lake Rebroadcast System for the residents and surrounding Area. At present we have 19 TV Channels and 2 FM frequencies in use. Plans are to increase this to 26 TV Channels and 8 FM Frequencies. Technalogix and especially Bob Gullon have been instrumental in our success. We now have 11 Transmitters, 4 Modulators, and 4 Stereo Generators produced by them. As our older equipment fails we will be ordering more from this forward looking company. Bob has alwys provided us with excellent service, technical advice and guidance in our planning and purchases. He is a very reliable business man and looks after our interests admirably."

Fred Houghton, President

Logan Lake T.V. Society


"I am writing to commend you on the excellent service and quality of your transmitter products which you have provided for several of our projects. Your competitive pricing and ability to work with our customers has given us an edge in winning these opportunities. Our customers are very happy with the clear, crisp pictures and audio quality of both your TV and FM transmitters."

"I thank you for your superb customer service and support"

James Tecson, President

JAMTEC Enterprises Ltd.