Industrial, Scientific and Medical Amplifiers

Industrial, Scientific and Medical Solutions

Technalogix has always strived to design and market a rugged product that has the highest quality and lowest price on North American manufactured RF products. To accomplish this, significant attention is spent on design on products that are easy to work on, but are still as small as possible using non-proprietary parts. Technalogix focuses on the latest generation of devices and components to improve efficiency and save the customer money with operation.

Technalogix fabricates its Radio Frequency amplifiers using modular techniques with the latest components. Common control systems, heat sinks, power supplies, etc. are frequently designed across a wide product line to reduce our costs to the customer. In addition, well laid out mechanicals help ease maintenance and upgrades.

Product Details

Full color touchscreen display
Linear solid state design
Ultra efficient switching power supply
Built in monitoring and control (remote port, Ethernet, SNMP)
Field proven reliability
High efficiency gain stages
CW, pulsed, and modulated applications
2 Year Warranty

Product Options

TSV-100 - 100-Watt, 0.5 to 2.5 MHz RF Amplifiers

TSV-1000 (3-30 MHz) - 1,000-Watt Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Amplifier

TSV-2000 (2-30 MHz) - 2,000-Watt Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Amplifier

TSV-3000 (162.5 MHz) - 3,000-Watt Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Amplifier

TSV-500 (20-500 MHz) - 500-Watt Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Amplifier

TSV-5000 (350MHz) - 5,000-Watt Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Amplifier

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